Tap Into Reactionary Giving with #TriggerGive

Trigger allows you to engage users, raise awareness and ultimately raise funds in an instant, public and bold new way.

Why Trigger?

Learn about the hottest new fundraising tool in social media

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    Reactionary Giving

    We love confrontation! Trigger helps your organization raise funds off the ever changing daily news cycle. We give you the capability to encourage your supporters to give publicly on social media in direct response to a tweet or news article. All they need to do is tweet out @ Your organization $ donation amount #TriggerGive, its that easy. Harness the power of donor's emotions with our new take on fundraising.

  • New Fundraising Channels

    Trigger is enabling organizations to access channels commonly used by their target donors in a way they haven’t been able to in the past. In a world in which social media is used for many aspects of people’s lives and millennials are giving more than any other generation, Trigger is offering an easy way for organizations to target these supporters. Even better, with Trigger your cause can easily go viral without any effort on your part, we all know how much influence one tweet can have. 

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    Keeping Supporters Engaged

    Gone are the days of flyers in the mailbox. Now people are in a world of constant contact through social media, texting, FaceTime and beyond. This requires those who are seeking the attention of people to be constantly and consistently engaging them – Trigger enables you to stay in their thoughts, potentially giving more often.

  • Other Details

    We have done everything we can to keep fees at the very minimum - We don't take any portion of the donations and offer this service completely free to all non-profits. Your account will also include an organization dashboard to monitor engagement. This is where you will log in, monitor and analyze your donations and campaigns.


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