Frequently Asked Questions

When you see a post that “Triggers” you, all you need to do is post a response and be sure to include the @twitter handle of your organization, a $dollar amount and #TriggerGive.

TriggerGive allows users to send donations to any non-profit of their choice in response to social media posts that either enrage or inspire them. We make donating fun, simple, instant and visible.

Trigger was founded as a way to vent frustration on social media in regards to aggravating posts by doing something positive donating. We like to call it ‘retaliatory giving’.

When something online infuriates you so much you have to make a donation, you’ve been ‘triggered’. In direct contrast to the spiteful giving, TriggerGive is also used when someone is inspired by something they see online, not everything has to be so vengeful.

It’s simple! When you see a post that triggers you, all you need to do it post your response and be sure to include the @twitter handle of the organization you want to give to a $dollar amount and #TriggerGive.


If you have already signed up on our website, the transaction is complete. If you are not already registered, we will tweet you the link to complete your one time sign up.

There is a flat $1.79 monthly fee to help keep the server running, we do not charge based on the amount you choose to donate.

We use Stripe to process donations, they take 30 cents plus 2.9% to handle the funds, TriggerGive never takes any portion of the donation you send.

Yes! We are currently developing TriggerGive for other platforms, stay tuned for release dates.

Any non-profit organization (tax exempt or not), it's that simple.

Under your user account, click on set up monthly auto donations.

We’ve made it really simple; just go to the ‘For Organizations’ tab and enter a few pieces of relevant info. Your organization will be receiving TriggerGive donations in hours.

Never! We take your data and privacy very seriously, we will never sell it or give it to any 3rd party.

TriggerGive uses multiple layers of security for our website, app and database. When payments are transferred using Stripe, they are as secure as they can possibly be.