What is Trigger?

Trigger is a mobile based platform that allows users to instantly donate money on twitter‘Retaliatory Giving’


Your Problem

Everyone knows the feeling...

Everyone knows the feeling you log on to social media and are inundated with various political views, sports rants, and the like, many full of vitriol and often just plain stupidity. It can be aggravating to no end and you want to DO something about it! That is exactly how the idea to found Trigger came about.


Our Solution

Instead of leaving petty...

Instead of leaving petty comments, stewing over it on your ride to work, or worst, defriending, you can do something better, with real meaning, and give. Trigger allows you to donate to any non-profit of your choice, which will be shown publicly in reply to the triggering comment. Instead of frustration, you can instantly feel vindicated and instantly gratified!


Making A Difference

It’s not all about...

It’s not all about getting back at someone. It’s also about making a difference. You can easily give just one-time to a non-profit of your choice in response to a triggering post, but Trigger also enables you to give in the future with the use of just a # or an @ as well as signing up to give regularly to truly make an impact.

How it Works

The Process is Simple


Create an Account


@TwitterHandle $Amount #TriggerGive


Feel Better

Are you ready to join the #TriggerGive movement?

Count me in!